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Been looking for low cost wales soccer jersey jerseys for everyday wear but really had a hard time finding decent for under $15-$25. These are comfortable, basic, and feel like they should give me a year or more of wear. Certainly not top/top quality but good for the price.

You will not be getting a top-of-the-line Nike or Adidas soccer shirt. What you do get is a great value for what you are spending. I like soccer shirts slightly baggy, after washing. So, I ordered a size up (XXL instead of XL). It fit perfectly! Even the arm length shrunk down to a comfy length.They smell new! Are new! Come packaged very well! Grade A quality (no bummy thirds here).

They’re awesome! If you like your soccer shirts to fit snugly, I think order your normal size. These sweatshirts wash up nicely with a small bit of shrinkage, so you make the call. By the way, I liked the quality enough to order two more in different colors.


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